Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

I love my husband (stating the obvious here but making a point) so I decided to make him something extra special: whoopie pies with peanut butter filling AND homemade eggnog. Peanut Butter is scarce/pricey in the Czech Republic and Eggnog is nonexistent. I tried describing it to a Czech – he just made a really disgusted face at me (I completely agree with you there, bub).
The whoopie pies kinda failed (bad recipe) but the peanut butter filling turned out so well that the hubs has been mixing it in with vanilla ice cream and practically everything else for the past few days. The eggnog was pretty simple to make and, according to the hubs, is perfect. Below is a photo of the peanut butter filling and that black thing was supposed to be a whoopie pie. All in all, he was surprised by both.
Peanut Butter FillingThe second part of the surprise came the next morning for me when the hubs made scrambled eggs with bacon and toast smothered in jam – a wonderful surprise.
SurpriseFor those who want to try out the peanut butter filling, it was a lot of throwing things in and then experimenting as the texture changed. I chopped peanuts down to practically a dust and with some peanut butter (maybe one tablespoon) mixed in some milk/whipping cream/heavy cream and powdered sugar. It’s not exact but as the hubs liked it so much, I’ll make it again and try to be more exact.


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