Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas (once again) from the Czech Republic!! As we are away from our family and friends this Christmas, I wanted to share what we did/ate yesterday on Christmas Eve and today on Christmas.

Christmas Eve:
After a morning breakfast of hot cross buns, we listened to Bing Crosby and Michael Buble sing Christmas songs. Mid-Afternoon, Walter started to make our Christmas Eve dinner. He took a small one pound ham, pouring honey and rum on the ham with basil and salt baking it in the oven for 45 minutes. I made super creamy mashed potatoes – I boiled the potatoes for 10 minutes, mashing them and adding whipping cream, cheese, butter, and dill. Both were amazing. Seriously good. Every bite of ham just melted in my mouth. We ate dinner while watching White Christmas with the amazing Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. And, of course, there were several Skype dates with family and friends – loved seeing/talking with you all!
Christmas Eve2Christmas:
Waking up a little late, we had my family’s traditional Christmas breakfast of scrambled eggs and ham (leftover from yesterday) with buttered toast.
BreakfastWe watched several Christmas episodes of The Office while eating before we read the Christmas story from both Matthew and Luke thanking God for his never-ending blessings. Afterwards, we went for a short walk around Wenceslas Square. The streets were still pretty crowded – not surprising though.
Christmas WalkChristmas Walk2When we got back home, the hubs began making another amazingly delicious dinner. This time it was fried chicken and baked macaroni and cheese – SO good. And the hubs found a tangy honey mustard and I found a sour cream ranch sauce – pretty perfect (yes, I’m talking about my hubs). I want more just seeing these photos. On an unChristmas note, we watched The Major & The Minor with Ginger Rogers. She’s so talented and better looking as a redhead.
Christmas DinnerMerry Christmas to you all! What did you do this Christmas?


One thought on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Rachel, We enjoyed your Christmas blog. Christmas Eve is celebrated in probably most European countries including Poland. I remember the tradition going back to when I was a little boy starting with my grandmother. It is called Wigilia ( vigil). It was a non meat dinner with several fish dishes such as smelts and I believe whitefish. We would also have pierogi (dumplings) filled with sour kraut or potato and She would make them with blueberries especially for me. We would also have Babka and Paczki (doughnuts) filled with jelly and rum and nalesniki ( crepes )filled with cottage cheese. My family carried on the tradition and after we were married Mommom continued it, the only One in our generation to do so as far as I know-even though she was Irish. We celebrated Wigilia last night as we have for the last several years with Missy,Hubie,Megan, Kelly and Connor and Ken was also here.Mommom used to make most of the things that I Mentioned but we’ve now cut it down to a fish dinner ( we had a nice 2.5 lb. piece of sockeye Salmon,rice and vegetables.The first course was the nalesniki which Megan made.Mommom Showed her how to make them a few years ago.I should have mentioned that before starting Dinner we exchange good wishes,etc. by breaking off a piece of each others oplatek which is A wafer similar in composition to our communion wafer but not consecrated. After dinner we Had Babka and pie and different Christmas cookies Mommom made.Then we gather around The tree and I being the oldest distribute the presents. So you see, even though you thought that no traditions exist or are being carried on, there are.

    We were so happy to hear that Walter will be starting a job and not just any job! We had a nice conversation with your Mom and Dad today and are looking forward to seeing Kati Matt and John on the 28th. We wish you and Walter a very Merry Christmas ( Wesoly swiat in Polish ). We love you and miss you. Dziadzi and MomMom

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