187 Lesson Plans in 13 Days

I think I might be a little insane. Let me explain…

Nearly all of my expat friends are traveling home for the holidays and we are not. There is no “woe is me”, “I’m having a pitty party” or anything. While I will/do miss my family, I would only be able to get a week off and traveling would consist of a 12 hour flight one way, a few days spent with the in-laws, a four hour drive and then a few more days spent with the family, and then another four hour drive and then another 12 hour flight. I’m tired thinking about it. And now that I think about it, I don’t know how we could even do the four hour drive as I sold my car…and this is all A LOT of money that we simply don’t have. We are just slowly working on convincing each part of our family to visit us sometime – trip to Europe AND seeing your family? BONUS.

With all of the extra time with the lack of familial celebrations, I have quite a bit more time on my hands. And as being a teacher is super stressful, I have decided to lesson plan for the next six months in the next 13 days. See? A little crazy.

I always hear people remark how easy it must be to be a teacher – seriously? Right, okay. They get paid minimally. They have a constant risk of losing their job due to budget cuts. They have to deal with children/teenagers all day. What was that? Oh, right. They only work from seven or eight until three or four….but what about all of that lesson planning they have to do? Or grading papers/tests? Or what about a teacher who has to supervise after-school activities? Like band, journalism, drama, or any sports activity? Oh, but they get the summer off and so many holidays. First, most teachers can’t afford to have summer off – they normally find another job to make money during the summer. Second, a lot of those holidays during the school year are teacher planning days – as in, come into school while there aren’t any children. PLUS, there are those teachers that need to set up their classrooms at the beginning of the school year. Teaching is not one of those jobs that you “leave at the office” – by no means. Anywho, I am beginning to empathize with the stress. It’s difficult for me to teach and lesson plan…I would rather just do one or the other.

Hence my decision to plan 187 lessons in thirteen days. With this departure into the cuckoo’s nest, wish me luck.


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