Week 18b: Vyšehrad

A little off the beaten path lies the hidden Castle of Vyšehrad…and by “a little off the beaten path” I mean a hop skip and a jump from the metro…and by “a hop skip and a jump” I mean about 100 yards from the Vyšehrad metro stop. I honestly had no idea this place existed – at least not to the extent that my friend, Kinsey, and I found.

We walked on cobblestone streets past a small tennis court (which you can rent out for private games), a shop selling “crackers, postcards, and souvenirs”, and a cart selling warm wine. Personally, I’ve never gone into a shop and thought, “Hmm…I wish they sold crackers with their postcards and souvenirs.” Maybe there’s a market for that here. And warm wine? I’m personally a fan of warm apple cider….

Vysherad 1 SmallAfter walking through two arches (both of which seemed more like gates for a castle), the cobblestone street splits off into three. This cylindrical stone structure above is at the center of that branch. From there we turned left and followed a path to an overlook of the city and the Vltava River. There is a massive balcony that circles the entire area. In the center lies the Cathedral of Saint Paul and Peter (10KC admission fee) and the Vyšehrad Cemetery. Similar to the Olšany Cemetery, there are a great number of famous people as well as both beautiful and interesting tombstone designs and sculptures. Vysherad 2 SmallVysherad 4 SmallVyšehrad
Take Metro C (Red Line) to Vyšehrad and then follow the signs to the Castle. You could also take Trams 7, 18, or 24 to the Ostrčilovo Náměstí stop. From the tram stop, cross the railroad tracks and walk up Lumirova and make a right onto Na Bučance. Vyšehrad should be on your right on Na Pankráci.
General Admission: Free
Admission to the Cathedral of Saint Paul and Peter: 10KC


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