Week 18a: Olšany Cemetery

While a visit to the cemetery isn’t exactly exciting, it is extremely interesting and cheap/free. When the hubs and I first entered the cemetery, we were in the first plot where bodies had been buried over 200 years ago. Originally, the site was established in 1680 to accommodate all of the deaths due to plagues. At the time, this site was on the outskirts of the city.  Since then, the cemetery has been well-organized. To date, there are over 230,000 people buried, 65,000 grave sites, and six columbariums (public storage for people cremated). There are also several well-known people buried there including the first Czech Prime Minister and some famous writers and artists.

Cemetary 1 SmallCemetary 2 Small TextA visit to the cemetery would not be complete without a black cat crossing our path. We also saw a fat orange and black cat get cozy behind one gravestone. Cemetary 3 SmallSomething else I found interesting was that so many people share the same grave site. While wandering through the cemetery, we saw that some graves had more than 10 people in one spot. While I don’t frequent cemeteries in the States, I don’t think it’s very common to share graves there. Some headstones were so full of names that they had to add another stone next to the original. Some of the headstones had pictures of those who died while others had elaborate sculptures and still others simply had a name with no dates. Cemetary 4 SmallOlšany Cemetery
Take the Metro to Flora or Želivského (on Green Line A) and then walk down Vinohradská a bit. There are several main entrances. Take the 5, 9, or 26 tram to the Olšanské náměstí stop. The entrance is just down the street on the corner of Olšanské and Jičínská. You can also take the 5, 10, 16, or 26 tram to the Flora or Želivského stops.
Admission: Free.


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