Café Amandine

After a nice walk on a cold Sunday afternoon, a friend and I made our way to the Café Amandine. My friend, Kinsey, mentioned a French café and I was definitely on board – despite the stereotypes that the French are snobs, I know their food is good. With the obvious intention of ordering a hot chocolate, we entered the beautiful 1920’s themed French café in Prague. With sconces and chandeliers emoting images of flappers doing the Charleston in dresses dripping with fringe, Charlie Chaplin playing on a frame-surrounded flat-screen television, and gorgeous plush furniture you are not only taken to Paris but to 1920’s Paris.
Cafe Amandine Interior SmallWith my complete focus on hot chocolate, I immediately ventured to the drink section of the menu and was pleasantly surprised to find the option of white, milk, or dark hot chocolate. Through more menu browsing, my mouth watered with desire for Burgundy Beef Ragout (beef with red wine, carrots, mushrooms, and silky potato puree), Baked French Toast Casserole (dessert made from French bread, cottage cheese, and apples), and the Club Sandwich Café Amandine (Versailles ham, Emmental cheese, tomato, pickled gherkin, iceberg lettuce, and mayonnaise).

Our hot chocolates were brought on a silver platter with a large empty mug, small bowl with thick whipping cream, and a pitcher brimming with dark hot chocolate. In addition, there were small packets of assorted sugars and a soft cookie. I was absolutely in love with the atmosphere and the service. While sipping on our deliciously creamy hot chocolates, we talked about our Christmas plans and our work weeks. The entire time we sat talking and sipping, I felt transported into a different time and place – as if at any moment someone would burst through the front door and tell us that we (like Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris) have entered a different world. It was lovely.
Cafe Amandine Combo SmallCafé Amandine
Na Moráni 1689/17
Take the Metro/Underground to Karlovo Náměstí or trams 3, 10, 18, or 24 to the Moráň stop. The café is about a block away from the tram stop/metro entrance at the corner of Václavská and Na Moráni. Look for the pink and green awnings. Visit their website for more information:
Descriptions of menu items courtesy of Café Amandine’s online menu.
Cafe Amandine Website


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