Lately I’ve been thinking of learning Czech just so I can participate again in the time-honored tradition of listening to other people’s personal conversations in public locations. I’m sure there are other added benefits to learning the language of the country in which I am currently habituated but, let’s be honest, eavesdropping is the obvious priority.

The English conversations I overhear are so exceedingly rare that when I do hear someone speak my native tongue, I reflexively move closer in a creepy “I am going to smell your shoulder as I try to be sly and listen to your conversation kind of” way. Granted, I could always stand in the middle of expat central (Jiřího z Poděbrad) and follow people around pursuing interesting conversations but I find that a little weird. Of course, I could just learn Czech. Nah. Clearly I have my priorities in czech (haha – get it?).

While transferring modes of transportation in between classes, I overheard two girls in their mid-20’s speaking English. Naturally, I slowed my walk to overhear their potentially interesting conversation.
“When I was, like, in San Francisco last year, they had, like, really good hotels. And then when I was in Barcelona this year, they were, like, just so lame…”
The conversation trailed quickly to an end as I, like, practically ran away..

While entering a crowded tram quite recently two young men were conversing in my native tongue and in my eager excitement, I nearly grabbed the back of one of their jackets for support as the tram lurched forward.
“I know the main character of the movie well. I have seen him in several other movies and I believe that this movie has great potential.”
“Especially since there were three really hot girls shown in the trailer.”
“Oh, yeah. Definitely.”
This conversation had a reasonable amount of potential until the “hot girls” comment.

Whilst walking through Prague Castle on a recent photography excursion, I passed in between a small crowd of young men and a busker (guitarist) playing a familiar song.
“I should just take that guitar from him. You know I could play that song so much better.”
“Definitely. You could make so much money doing that.”
“You know it, bro.”
That poor busker.

Yeah, I definitely need to learn Czech… or maybe stalk people who use bigger words. Probably the latter.


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