Makin’ Whoopie

Contrary to the title of this blog, I am not celebrating anything in a noisy or boisterous manner. My Mom always makes whoopie pies around the holidays; Along with babka (Polish rum cake) and more sugar cookies than a five-person health-focused family could eat in four years (we aren’t counting the secret trips to the kitchen at night while Dad was in the bathroom). I miss Thanksgiving and will no doubt miss Christmas with my family…so I decided to cope with this through baking whoopie pies.
I would love to give you recipe but I was looking at the recipe on my iPad and it regrettably is no longer in my browser. Sadly, without an internet history I will be unable to find the specific recipe I used. Now you can just drool in envy at the delicious photos and google search your own recipe….or wait until I get another craving and will inevitably make them…most likely next week.


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