Weekly Photography Challenge: Thankful

I am thankful for memories. For wearing horrific velvet dresses with shoulder pads and stockings with Mary Janes all throughout the New Jersey winters. For jumping in giant orange piles of bug-infested leaves. For watching with envy as my sister built the coolest snow fort. For then sitting on the snow tower she built causing a massive cave-in. For having my Pop-Pop live with us for three years when I was little, spending time on the back porch playing in my sandbox while he puffed away at his cigarettes. For Dad-made tree houses and zipping down slides on wax paper, flying into bushes. For Ninja-Turtle saucer sleds and giant snow-covered hills. For those amazing haircuts made with putting a bowl on my head and cutting around it. For sibling rivalry. For hiking up mountains and through the woods complaining, whining, and crying the whole way. For family reunions, Christmas trees named Noel, and watching my Pop-Pop scrap everything but the potatoes under the table for our dog to eat. I’m thankful for memories made and for the memories yet to come.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge: Thankful

  1. My Dad, Jodie, at home with my kids…..freedom…in an odd way. You never realize until AFTER that you were more free THEN, then NOW. Time is not my own. It is dictated by others. Having the pleasure, and the privilege of being an at home mom for 15 years (thanks Ned) was awesome. I KNOW I did not think so at the time. My children, think on that..time is fleeting. Thanks Rachel for sharing. I love and miss you…..lots.

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