Week 17: Namesti Miru & Prague 01

I wander throughout the city photographing everything so often that I decided to just lump all the photo excursions I take into one post per week rather than try to come up with more synonyms for meander. Which I’m not sure is possible.
If you are interested in seeing the above Christmas awesomeness, along with a myriad of cool shop/booths selling everything from delicious Trdelnik and cheeses to Christmas ornaments and handmade purses, visit Namesti Miru in front of Kostel Svaté Ludmily. Take Tram 4, 10, 16, or 22.
While Prague Castle, its courtyard, and surrounding buildings are pretty, each location is stuffed full of tourists to the point of suffocation. Everyone poises inside the archway (pictured above right) angling their cameras at impossible angles to try to fit the St. Vitus Cathedral and themselves into the picture. While understandable, it can get claustrophobic.
Prague Castle (Pražský hrad)
Take Tram 22 to the Pražský hrad stop.
It’s free to walk within the grounds, the courtyard, and within a part of the St. Vitus Cathedral but tours and certain parts of the Castle cost money. Tickets vary from 70KC for a tour of the Powder Tower to 350KC for a long tour of the Castle.This above building filled me with fascination. After closer inspection I saw that all of these designs were stenciled on with plaster. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to stencil each of those designs. This Palace holds an exhibition of Baroque sculptures and paintings. Cost of admission is 160KC except for Tuesday through Sunday from 4-6pm when the cost is reduced to 80KC.

Schwarzenberg Palace (Schwarzenberský Palác)
Hradcanské Námesti 185/2
Take Tram 22 to the Pražský hrad stop, walk through the Prague Castle courtyard and veer right. The Palace is across the street from the a small park on the left-hand side.


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