Choco Café

My best friend, Laura, visited Prague two summers ago for a few months. The one thing she mentioned more than anything else was this café: Choco Café. I’ve been meaning to visit for some time and when my family was in town, we walked by the café at least a half dozen times. So when a friend wanted to meet there for some hot chocolate, I was completely on board.
Once we found a seat, we saw that the entire menu was just hot chocolate. There was one section with ten different fruit flavours including strawberry-banana and raspberry-banana. Becoming completely overwhelmed by the massive amount of choices, I chose to go with the most simplistic: Pure. This is not some powdered nonsense but hard-core “we melt chocolate and put it into a cup for you to drink”. It is pure magic in a cup. I tried actually drinking it and I spent the next five minutes wiping a chocolate moustache from my upper lip. I had to drink the chocolate from a spoon. I felt like Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory except I’m not creepy and I wasn’t drinking out of a miniature wax tea cup while standing in an indoor field of sweets. While talking with my friends, I kept on chuckling at seeing their teeth darkened by the chocolate. The consistency of the chocolate was similar to chocolate fondue. We even discussed the possibility of bringing in our own sliced bananas, marshmallows, brownies, and oreos to dip in this hot chocolate. I think I might plan that for next time…whipping out some of those goodies from my purse as inconspicuously as a bison in a frozen yogurt shoppe (or shop for you Yanks).

When we saw the giant chocolate bars, I visualized a woman weeping on a couch watching romantic-comedies, cradling the giant chocolate bars and gnawing on it like a slightly-rabid squirrel. We couldn’t think of any practical reasons for someone buying a chocolate bar that large. In fact, with everything being so small in Europe, that is probably the largest single item for sale that I have seen. And the massive amount of chocolate present was a little crazy. Why so many animals were pictured on the chocolate wrappers, I am unsure of.
In the words of my friend, Kinsey, “I feel like I have a chocolate coma…in the best way possible.” If I lived closer to this place and had more money, I would spend every spare moment (and bit of change) in this amazing, heavenly place.
For those chocaholics out there interested in their own Willy Wonka-esqu chocolate coma, visit here: Choco Café: Liliova 4/250, Prague 01


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