Greasy Wolverine and Coal-Colored Muffins

Ugh. Yuck. The past couple of days have been ugh and yuck.
The hubs has some weird hair. When it gets longer than a 1/4 inch, he looks like a greasy wolverine whose hair has been mowed by a drunk. He sweats…a bit more than the normal person and so his hair will stick up in all directions after he stops sweating. Since he’s going into work tomorrow, I thought it would be good if he didn’t look like a homeless person aspiring to be a greasy-looking Hugh Jackman in X-Men. Unfortunately, I was about half-way through cutting his hair with clippers when the batteries died (and we can’t recharge them because of some voltage issues)….which made it definitely look like a drunk mowed his hair. So I had to spend an hour cutting his hair with a pair of scissors (not shears)…it didn’t really help that he has a fear of scissors and he kept on flinching.
I was also really excited to make some banana chocolate chip muffins for a co-worker. It was her birthday on Tuesday and I wanted to do something nice. Except it backfired (pun completely intended – you’ll understand in a sentence) on me….I’m still not used to the conversions I have to do while baking (Fahrenheit to Celsius with a fan) and I forgot to lower the oven temperature so the muffins ended up burning to a horrible rock-hard coal-colored crisp. I think I have found a new source of fuel and if only I had a bonfire pit and/or fireplace, I would have no need to purchase any kindling of any kind.
Plus, there was being sick yesterday…And the constant need for making more lesson plans. It just never ever stops. It is completely exhausting.
These muffins were SO crusty that when I stabbed them with a fork and then tried to wiggle it in…only a millimeter was in the muffin. The black stuff on the plate? Burnt shavings.
So, ugh and yuck.


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