Weekly Photography Challenge: Renewal

Renew: To begin again; to restore or replenish.
When I think of renewal, restoration, or replenishing, I think of water – like dew drops. Like morning showers, it’s a way to wake the world up – to rejuvenate everything. When work/school becomes too overwhelming, what do people do? They splash water on their faces, take showers, or take a bubble bath.
There is a city in Somerset, England named after its rejuvenating hot springs (Bath). The Romans crafted a spa around the hot springs over a 300 year period of time, starting in 60AD. There is even a practice of medicine called hydrotherapy using water in an effort to heal and rejuvenate. Franklin Roosevelt started a hydrotherapy treatment center in Warm Springs, Georgia for polio-related illnesses. Water: a source of life. A source of renewal.


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