Naturhistorisches Museum

For our third installment of our Thursday in Wien, Austria, we made our way to the Museum Quarter. That section of town is actually set up quite well. The closest metro stop is nicknamed Museum Quarter and every block or so is a sign explaining where each of the museums are. After deciphering what the different museums were (there was one column for German and another for English but sometimes the English translation was still German) and the prices, we decided to try out the Naturhistorisches Museum (Museum of Natural History).
Of course one of the first questions I asked once we entered was, “Is photography allowed?” While photography was allowed, there were museum workers in their fancy blazer uniforms standing in doorways watching….and staring. Ironically, people in uniform make me nervous. Statistically speaking, people are most comfortable and trusting of people in uniform – regardless of any other off-putting factors. Well, I am always put-off by people in uniform. What does that say about me? I have no idea.
We went to the rock section first – FIVE rooms of rocks. To give you a little idea – there are about 5,000 known types of rocks in the world and this museum houses over 1,500 types. CRAZY. We spent 45 minutes in that section. What? Rocks are A LOT more interesting than you think. See below for proof.
That yellow spotted one reminds me of chocolate cake with (yellow) confectioner’s sugar…. Funny enough, most of the rocks reminded me of some kind of food or just weird objects in general. The hubs kept on telling me about the crystallization structure and how each rock is formed slightly different than the next with its coloring and texture…and I said it looked like cake.
When we FINALLY made our way out of the super-awesome rock section, we decided to check out the Vertebrate section…which consisted of fifteen rooms including everything from sharks to monkeys to a dodo bird. Yes, there was a dodo bird. On the way upstairs, we stopped by the dinosaur and fossil section where an animatronic T-Rex nearly knocked the hubs down with its swinging tail. I was looking at the giant T-Rex skull and when I saw in my peripheral vision a moving dinosaur, I was pretty sure I was transported to a Jurassic Park/Primeval alternate timeline and I just stared at the T-Rex until I was satisfied it wasn’t real. While doing so, I’m pretty sure one of those blazer-wearing museum employees was staring at me like I was crazy.
Of course, by the time we got to the vertebrate sections, we were both exhausted. We kinda just whipped through those sections….only taking occasional photos. We became so hungry and tired that we had to fly through the shark section – so sad. It was so cool. The entrance/exit to the room was through two layers of curtains (like the Wizard of Oz) and the room was dark and underwater noises were playing. Again, so sad we had to fly through that section. There were SO many animals. All of the glass eyes were pretty creepy.


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