Schonbrunn Palace

After finishing our official business at the Czech Embassy, we made our way to the Schonbrunn Palace – I photographed the Palace from the courtyard at sunrise on our last visit to Vienna. We decided to wander through the grounds – which is apparently extremely appealing to runners/joggers as well as rabbit-squirrel hybrids (which we later saw stuffed/taxidermied at the Museum of Natural History).
Oh! Remember last post I said the only word(s) in German I knew were Danke Schoen (because of the song sung in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)? Just kidding. I know Auf Wiedersen from The Sound of Music/Heidi in Project Runway. Safe to say that all the German I know is limited to what I’ve seen from watching TV Shows and movies.
We were going to go to the Tiergarten Schonbrunn/Vienna Zoo/Schonbrunn Zoo but each ticket was 15 Euros and the hubs kept on running away from the mass amounts of children flocking towards the entrance. He kept on nudging me in panic whenever he saw these large groups of children. When I asked him about his urge to “run away from large groups of children” he said, “Not run. Just away.” And then I asked about having children in general and he said, “Having a lot of children is fine as long as we don’t have 12 children that are all the same age.” Duly noted.
We trekked our way up a long hill to the Gloriette, a beautiful building that offers a great view of the city. While climbing the hill, we were able to look into the zoo…where we literally saw no animals at all. So, money well saved. We also had a bit of a stand-off with this one rabbit-squirrel hybrid. We stood a foot from one another and then he dodged to the left and almost went up my pant leg. Thankfully we avoided a SIMP situation (Squirrels in My Pants – Phineas & Ferb).
The Gloriette has a gorgeous view of the city. This was my favorite part of the Schonbrunn Palace Gardens…although I’m pretty sure that if we were able to see the Labyrinth/Maze, that would have been my favorite part. Unfortunately, the Labyrinth/Maze closed last week – sadness. My inner child was very forlorn. But then we saw some ducks…or mallards, apparently, according to the hubs.


3 thoughts on “Schonbrunn Palace

  1. So…where is the photo of this rabbit-squirrel hybrid? I really want to see this thing. Your photos of the palace are beautiful. You saw a lot more of the grounds than we did when we were there.

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