Wien in the AM


We made another trip to Vienna on Thursday to visit the Czech Embassy (more Visa stuff). We took a 12:30am bus from Praha to Wien…arriving at 5:10. Woohoo. We started the morning by visiting a pastry shop and eating a three inch thick doughnut with chocolate sauce on top (SO good). I realized then that one of the only German words I know is because of a song I heard from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Danke Schoen. After that delicious doughnut, we decided to buy an all-day metro pass and just get off at random metro stops, exploring the city. We went from the Praterstern stop by the Danube River to Schwedenplatz. Then we wandered and watched the sun rise from a bridge over the Donaukanal.
These buildings below reminded me of the buildings from my college campus. Weird how going to Vienna reminds me of Tallahassee. Ugh.
One of us was just walking around in a sleepy stupor but thankfully he was awake enough to stop me from getting run over by various bikes and cars…several times. I thought getting run over was risky in Prague…it’s even crazier in Vienna. They have bike lanes on the sidewalk with symbols marking which side is for bikers and which one is for pedestrians but they switch sides willy-nilly…and it’s enough having to look both ways before crossing the street for cars but you have to look both ways every two seconds when walking on the sidewalk…bikers are brutal. They do not slow down for anyone. At least cars have horns they can honk. The bikers just yell at you in German – have I mentioned that German is a really intimidating language?
We continued to wander for another two hours…heading towards the cool-looking buildings in the distance. The hubs wanted to head toward the Museum district but as we had no map of the city (and there are no maps whatsoever in any of the metro stations we went through)…we just continued to meander. We walked through this park where, while we were sitting on a bench eating some cinnamon chocolate banana bread, we saw a bunch of red hearts hanging from this one high tree and then we saw a tree house for owls…We guessed that the hearts were leftover from Valentine’s Day and that the guy whose job was to take them down just got lazy. But we honestly had no good reason for the tree house for the owls.
Then there were these four statues of this guy punching out a horse. I don’t know what it is with statues of naked men wrestling or fighting…but they are kinda awesome. I think this statue was probably my favorite.
This was the last building I photographed before we went to the Czech Embassy and we realized later that this was the back side of the Museum of Natural History, the beginnings of the Museum Quarter…you know, the one we were trying to find all morning.


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