Cheesy Sliced Potato Goodness

With money being tight lately, there are a few staple grocery items that we have been relying on. One of which being all things potato. One 2kg bag of potatoes is only 20KC (1 buck). More for the money = Ideal. You’ve already seen the Twice Baked To a Crisp Potato post (or you will once you follow the link) and now I have a delicious recipe for Cheesy Potato Slices. These are actually really simple to make and amazingly good.
Keep in mind that these are not chips – they are more like fries or a baked potato in slices – making it a bit more of a convenient finger food.
2-3 Medium-Size Potatoes
Assorted Shredded Cheeses
Herb Salt/Hranolky (Fry) Seasoning
Bacon (Optional/Not Pictured)
Sour Cream (Optional/Not Pictured)

1. Put a pot on the stove with about 1 quart of water in it, set to boil. Preheat the oven to 200C (with fan).
2. Slice the potatoes at around the same thickness (using a mandolin is obviously the most effective). The thinner the better.
3. Once the water boils, put the slices of potatoes in for about 5 minutes (until the potatoes are softer – slides off the fork)
4. Drain the water carefully, patting the slices of potatoes as dry as you can manage. Arrange the slices so that they overlap on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle cheese and seasoning on the slices (to your preference).
5. Bake in the oven for 5-20 minutes. The time ranges depending on your preferences: Bake for only 5 minutes if you just want the cheese to melt a little. For the potato slices pictured, we baked it for about 25 minutes because we wanted the cheese to be a bit more crispy.
6. Enjoy with/without sour cream or ranch sauces!


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