Elephant Friend

The other day, I was riding the bus from one of my classes. I was staring out the window and saw a big field with a few elephants roaming around. I hopped off the bus at the next stop, moseyed my way under the busy highway, and whipped out my camera. I literally never leave home without it – I’m like a Boy Scout – except I’m not a boy and I’ve never been a Scout and if you know me, I am rarely prepared for the unexpected…Regardless of whether or not I’m a Boy Scout, I lug my camera, two lenses, and macro filters around everywhere just so I can have the chance to photograph some elephants in a field in the middle of Prague.
What? So, the elephants happened to be behind a string barrier of sorts and there was a giant circus tent a hundred meters away (that’s right – the metric system). This one elephant and I had a bond – I was like Dr. Doolittle without the corny weird creepiness. This elephant would follow me wherever I went, sticking his entire head over the barrier. He was such a good model. He would smile and then blow some dirt over his head in such a supermodel fashion. You didn’t know that supermodels throw dirt over their heads? Get with the times. I clearly need more friends. Human friends.


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