Weekly Writing Challenge: I Wish I Were…

I wish I were…from the Pre-Industrial 1800’s. The romance of Manifest Destiny, the hard-working focus of individuals, the determination to start new against natural disasters and a lack of prospects, and the hope. People had such a hope. They would leave everything behind for the simple hope of a new future. What’s even more, they would travel cross county not in an airplane or in a car but in covered wagons. The fact that they ventured to the West, despite the well-known dangers and risks is remarkable: Native Americans, thieves, coyotes, weather, and more. Their family members would die and they would have to bury their bodies in the middle of the path to prevent the body being dug up by wild animals. Even on their journey, they had to leave so much behind. Nothing ever held them back. I would be proud to be from a time full of such hard-working, focused, determined individuals who, against all odds pursued their dreams.

I’m obviously romanticizing that time period from fiction novels written in that time period but in recent years, it’s actually become a dream of mine to move out to the West, purchase a large piece of property, and start a self-sufficient farm. Granted, I want this farm to have some of the modern day nuances of solar, wind, and hydrological energy. But the idea of raising livestock and growing food for personal use and then selling the rest off to farmer’s markets or organic stores sounds completely wonderful.

Granted, the only part of the 1800’s I would not want to partake in, would be the clothes. The dresses, socks, bloomers, and various undergarments that they had to wear all the time is just exhausting. While I may not know to the full extent (i.e. hoop skirt), I did spend 2 months working in an 1800’s theme park in Branson, Missouri. Let me tell you, those dresses are not conducive for any type of labor whatsoever.

Of course, if I were from the early Pre-Industrial 1800’s, I would make my dresses of much better quality. Also, I would rock bonnets.


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