In lieu of writing a book this November for the annual NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I have decided to write a blog post a day (I know – you are doing jump ropes for joy, right?). While I am working on a few novel ideas and would love to develop one of them further with the rest of the participants of NaNoWriMo in a brave and slightly suicidal act of solidarity, I am cleaving to the age-old excuse of not having enough time. With the massive amount of lesson planning and teaching, my down time is normally spent washing dishes and paper-clipping together the remnants of my sanity. Blog writing, for me at least, provides me with an outlet to write (cough: VENT) without all of the pressures of having everything melodic, superlative, and with an obvious overuse of sesquipedalianism.
Get ready for what I like to call: NaBloWriMo (National Blog Writing Month). Except it’s not national…and I’d like to do this for more than one month. So, BloWri – Blog Writing? That just doesn’t have the wallop I wanted…and I am already doing that blog writing part. Well, you understand the quintessence of what I was going for.
Speaking of the most perfect embodiment of something, the hubs made (no surprise, world) the most delicious meal the other day. He took some store-bought gnocchi added some secretly delectable combination of cheeses with bacon and imitation crab cooked to perfection. Are you salivating? You should be.
On a completely unrelated side note, I hope no one has hippopotomonstrosisquippidaleophobia. If so, I would highly advise you to escape, eschew, and elude my blog. For all other persons not in fear of the monstrous amount of big words used in this blog post, carry on.


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