Small Town Gal

I am pretty much a country girl. I didn’t grow up milking cows, hunting coons, or pitching hay but our house did feel pretty secluded – not from people in general…just large groups of people who make a lot of noise. Northwest New Jersey is pretty far away from any major city. Yes, New York City is a hop, skip, and a train ride away but the point is that my childhood did not involve frequent trips to highly populated areas. My “wonder years” were pretty sheltered/secluded. I suppose I’m more along the lines of a small town girl…but I honestly don’t remember much of the towns I grew up in. We were, again, pretty secluded.
In fact, upon further reflection, I really haven’t spent that much time in any major city. The biggest city I lived in was located in Alabama and it had a population of 400,000 – I know, stepping into the big leagues there. I visited Boston once and we took the metro but I think I was 13/14 and we were only there for a few days. I have visited New York City but my view was from the back window of the trunk of a PT Cruiser. Throw in a small irritating dog that wanted to look out the window and use me as a step stool, and my experience with New York City was not that pleasant. I’ve spent a week in Chicago, another week in New Orleans, a few days here and there in Atlanta or Orlando or Jacksonville or Washington D.C….we might have gone to Toronto once…and that is literally the extent of my “big-city” experiences.
I say all of this because for all I know, Prague could be exactly like Chicago or New York City and I would literally not know the difference. So all of my keen observations and notations are pretty much a moot point as I have nothing to compare them to. Although I’m pretty sure that they don’t speak Czech in any of those American cities. I could be wrong though, it has been a long while and most of my knowledge of city life is based on my pop culture knowledge of chick flicks and TV shows…
Not that I mind the lack of big city life experience – it’s what makes everything in Prague so new and interesting and exciting. And being in the big city has now brought me to the conclusion that I want to live a more secluded/country/small town kind of life. Looks like the parent’s had the right idea.


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