It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

With the last 10 years spent in Florida where the weather is constantly “summer” except for the one week of January that it feels like winter, I don’t have any winter clothes. Literally every single shirt I own is short sleeves or shorter. I brought a pea-coat (which is the only piece of clothing I have that could be classified in the “winter” category with the exception of my gloves) but every time I have worn my pea-coat I get uncomfortably stuffy within five minutes of exiting my apartment. I prefer to work with layers and hats (or at least that’s what my empty pockets are rationalizing). No matter how ridiculous I know I look in this hat and the number of other hats I stuffed into my suitcase….I just really like hats. I feel temporarily transported to the decades where wearing hats was more common than people wearing contacts now. I saw these two old men on the bus yesterday wearing these perfect felt fedoras. They looked so dapper. I want to look so dapper.Honestly, I never really get that cold. The other day (the frolic day) it was 35 degrees out and I was only wearing a light long sleeve cover over my shirt and I only got cold when the 15 mile an hour wind whipped through the buildings and under my clothes. And even then, it’s only the tips of my fingers and my nose that got cold. It’s great. Of course, we’ll see if that stands true when it gets closer to 0 Fahrenheit.
It snowed on Saturday and the next day, most of the snow had already melted. I know it’s October…still technically Fall…but I really wanted it to be suddenly Winter. Now, it’s just fall but everything is pretty much dead or close to it. A tree I photographed last week stuffed full with yellow leaves is now almost completely leafless. I got out of my class yesterday at 5pm and it was already dark. So much for a transition. It’s beginning to look a lot like…


2 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

  1. wow. That is crazy that the tree has changed so much within that short time. It has been cold here in town but the weather is going to get warmer tomorrow. I love that hat on you. I don’t think you look too silly.

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