A Good Frolic

I found the key to lesson planning: Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, etc. I put on some beautifully composed work by some Eastern European genius and 18 lesson plans later, I am a month ahead in half of my classes. It’s pure bliss. It’s like these classical composers embedded some secret “Stay focused and concentrate” subliminal messaging in their music. Well, whatever it is, it works so well. I am super productive when listening to Swan Lake and The Nutcracker…plus I feel so much smarter. Leaving lots of time to frolic around the city to take pretty pictures!
Hubs and I hopped on the metro and made our way to the Czech Senate. They were giving free tours today, which of course means that you have to wait 1-3 hours to get one of those “free” tours. For me, waiting for 1-3 hours is equivalent to having paid money for the tour. No, thank you. There were some openings in a Czech tour (as in, they speak Czech) and I wanted to slip in and just guess what they were saying (or just pretend to act really interested) but the hubs wasn’t on board with my shenanigans.
The gardens of the Czech Senate are open until October 31st of this year so we thought we would view them…unfortunately, every single path was extremely muddy due to yesterday’s snowfall (which has now melted). There was a lot of dodging around puddles but the buildings were beautiful as was the weird giant stalactite wall next to the aviary full of owls. I spotted about 10 owls…at least. Um, I want an owl. I would name him Hedwig – and he would NOT die. EVER.
Venturing onward through Praha 1, past the Embassy of Monaco (the door to the embassy was open and I was so tempted to just step into the threshold to say that I’ve been to Monaco – like Grace Kelly…okay, not like Grace Kelly), and up a very steep hill to nothing interesting.
After finding nothing interesting, we made our way home and the amazing man whom I have the privilege of calling my husband made me a brie-garlic-and-brown-sugar-stuffed-topped-with-bacon-and-smothered-with-love-burger with a side of carrots. I would have posted photos but the really hungry monster called my stomach ate it.


4 thoughts on “A Good Frolic

  1. Great pictures!!–try listening to Dvorak New World Symphony and the American Quartet (we listened to this when we were there) He is a Czech composer

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