Epic (Pumpkin French Toast) Fail

Not that I don’t enjoy spending countless hours scrolling through millions of photos of things I’d like to do or have or make in whatever free time with whatever exorbitant amount of money I happen to have, but I think Pinterest is evil. It’s more of something I love to hate.
When I find myself sitting on my couch in the middle of my flat in Prague wanting to do something creative and fun and amazing (but not having access to Hobby Lobby and that aforementioned exorbitant amount of money), I browse Pinterest. And that’s exactly what I was doing when I found a recipe for Pumpkin French Toast Bake. I know, you literally just peed yourself a little with excitement. How could this amazing combination be wrong? OH, it can be wrong. So wrong. Almost as bad as that phase in 5th grade when I was obsessed with peanut butter and bologna sandwiches. It seems like a genius idea until one day the maids in your brain clear away the peanut butter sludge and stop you from trying a jelly and bologna sandwich.
With extreme excitement and anticipation, I planned for this amazing breakfast. Much to my chagrin and disappointment, it was not amazing.As I have mentioned before, I haven’t quite figured out the ovens here. I converted the temperature to Celsius and then turned the dial to the picture that looked like bake. After chopping the bread, mixing the dry, whisking the wet, pouring it into a baking dish and 35 minutes, I photographed it. Then we tried it and it was way too soggy; Like undercooked lasagna. Another ten minutes later, it looked burnt. But the top actually tasted pretty good – similar to how you only want to eat the top of a muffin (mostly because of the preposterous amount of brown sugar I added) – but the inside was just kinda gross. Sadly. And it even looks a little gross – like a bad casserole (not like there is such a thing as a good casserole) so I thought I’d share! Enjoy! Does it help that I really wanted this to be good? Some things are just not meant to be together – like cows and frogs (Phineas & Ferb).
No, I will not be giving you the recipe. Trust me, I am saving you…something…like calories! There, I’m saving you calories. Your welcome.


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