Taco Cheese Fries

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of food blogs and I have been envious of their photos, their food, their followers, and their wit. My man and I are doing our best to eat good food on a budget. And being a complete copy cat, I saw someone make chili cheese sweet potato fries and we decided to make our own version! I also occasionally crave some horrible American goodness of heart-attack inducing food and we like to make our own healthy(er) versions…as you can see below.

We also made some quesadilllas…but those photos looked ugly. Yes, I simply plate this delicious food. My husband is the one that slaves over a hot stove…or in our case, one working gas burner.
I’m thinking that this might turn into a “Eating Good Food on a Budget in Prague” segment but we’ll see. As I don’t cook the food (lately) and only photograph, the descriptions of how to make will be pretty simple (or will be dictated by my husband). Once the man starts his job, I’ll be forced to feed myself and since I deplore cooking on the stove top, get ready for some creative (and hopefully delicious) baked dinners!

(prices are based on Tesco/Albert pricing in Prague)
1. Ground Beef (1kg for 60KC – $3)
2. Taco Seasoning (20KC – $1)
3. Edam Shredded Cheese (25KC – $1.25)
4. Uncooked Frozen Fries (2.5kg for 45KC – $2.25)
5. Black Beans (1 Can for 30KC – $1.50)
6. Hranolky (French Fries) Seasoning (20KC – $1)

FRENCH FRIES: First, preheat the oven for the fries (check the packaging for exact temperature). Take a cookie sheet and cover it with the frozen fries, add whatever seasoning you prefer – we use hranolky seasoning with herb salt. About halfway through cooking, flip the fries over and add more seasoning, putting it back in the oven afterwards.

TACO MEAT: Start by browning the ground beef in a frying pan and while cooking, chop into really small pieces. Add some garlic if you like and taco seasoning (as much or as little as you want – this is more trial and error) and when it is fully cooked, remove from the burner.

BLACK BEANS: Now cook the beans and after they warm up, chop and mash them to form a paste-like re-fried bean consistency (tastier, healthier, and without the nasty side effects). If you like, add more taco seasoning to the beans while they heat up. If you think the beans are starting to dry out, add a little voda (water) or pivo (beer) to moisten them.

FINALE: Mix the meat and the beans together and make sure everything is heated through. Pile on top of the fries with some shredded cheese and herb salt to taste. Devour in mere seconds as this will be amazingly delicious. It’s almost impossible to mess up. Want to feel a bit more healthy/less guilty? Add a pile of lettuce under the french fries for a makeshift taco salat (salad)! Enjoy!


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