Another Day

I spent most all of this weekend lesson planning…for 23 classes – these classes are all different people of different ages with different levels and interests and different goals when it comes to learning English. It was honestly pretty exhausting…and the thought of having to do it all again next week is honestly extremely frustrating.

And today was exhausting. Screaming. Way too much screaming. Here comes Miss Judgmental but I expect a certain level of order when it comes to classrooms. And this school I just started teaching at has either never heard the word discipline or the parent’s of the children never had. Literally all of the class was spent with two of the four children screaming at the top of their lungs. It was so good. And as I am not their actual teacher, I have no ability to discipline in any way. And the children are definitely not going to listen to me when there is another teacher in the classroom speaking their Native Language…pretty much making everything I teach pointless. Oh, well. That’s only 6 times a week.

And then I had to commute to my next class and I barely made it on time. I walked to a bus stop and got on a bus that took me to another stop in the middle of a highway and got off the bus just as the next bus I needed to get on arrived at the bus stop. If that first bus had been 1 minute later, I would have missed my entire next class. And then after riding the 2nd bus for another 10 minutes, I ride a tram and then walk 3 blocks to where I teach.

The 5th Graders I teach are wonderful as always but this new class I started teaching today is pretty weird. This older man comes in reeking of a weird combination of rubbish, rotten milk, and feces – holding his eye open. He explained to me later that he literally cannot keep his eyes open. He has to hold them open. And then he tells me exactly how he expects the class to go and that he knows every word in the English Language. GREAT. He says he is a geographer and I tell him that’s what I studied at my university in the States. He then informs me that American schooling and European schooling are very different – he studied at Charles University in Prague (like I don’t know where we are) to become a professional geographer. Well, thanks for insulting my intelligence and my country’s education system. This is going to be great.

And the rest of the day felt cloudy…in my head.

At least on Saturday morning I was able to make pancakes using this mix we found at Tesco (Target-ish). I had to improvise on the chocolate and we didn’t have any syrup but the jam and bananas made up for it.

So, for today…my likes:
1. Pancakes
2. Silence


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