Magnanimous Monday

I had an interview for an Art Preschool on Wednesday last week (I know, doesn’t that just sound awesome)…and the atmosphere was great as were all the staff working there. We went out on a nature walk to this beautiful playground that overlooked the preschool and this beautiful giant park…and the kids were 3 years old and I could hold a conversation with them. It was great. I really wanted the job even though it only payed 119KC an hour (5 bucks) cause it would meet our monthly budget. And then on Friday, I just did not want the job. It didn’t feel right – like putting your shoes on the wrong feet. And then I got an email informing me that I didn’t get the job. I wasn’t disappointed or sad because I just knew that God was going to take care of us. Which is a really difficult thing to say/do/follow. Especially when practically everyone else from your graduating TEFL course has enough classes/jobs to pay the bills.
But then Monday came, this day I normally dread and whine and complain about. I woke up early to take the metro to the end of the yellow line to teach a mom at her home about going to the doctor’s office. I came home and then went to teach two fifth graders about British terms for clothing (trousers, etc). Then I went to a meeting (not an interview) at a small language school…I filled out a form and then they gave me a job. It was great. No stupid mock lessons or lesson plans where the interviewers say that they are intermediate level students but then pretend to not know what the subject of the sentence is (I have had that happen in two interviews). And then I got home, kissed my husband and got a call from another language school offering me six classes – all in the same place over a two day period of time.
Did I also mention that every single one of the classes I was offered fit into my schedule PERFECTLY? God is good. All the time.
So…(get ready for some short and sweet action)
1. I like God.
2. I like His plans. Not always a fan of His timing though. I’m learning patience.
3. I like how I can make one lesson plan that I can use to teach multiple classes in one week. Makes having a life or getting sleep wonderful.
4. Today. I like today.


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