Burger Fest

When the words “Burger Fest” are uttered, one imagines a cacophony of meat wrapped in a delicious hug of cheese, preferably more meat, and bread. Tent upon tent lined up in a giant row as far as the eye can see with smoke billowing from each one as if signaling for help – help in eating their delicious burgers.

Unfortunately, that certainly was not the case for the First Annual Prague Burger Fest. Instead of a cacophony of meat… there was a seemingly infinite amount of people who persisted in standing in one spot and refusing to move. Considering that this event was called a “Burger Fest” there was a definitive lack of burgers. Only five restaurants were serving burgers and the tents were tucked away against a wall shoved behind some more tents selling very small, unimpressive cookies. As as every restaurant’s tent was set up right next to one another, there was also the small issue of there being a giant wall of people in front of every restaurant’s tent.

My husband eating some delicious curly chips.

If we were to negate the fact that this was indeed called a “Burger Fest” it would be a nice festival/event. There were plenty of carnival rides and dozens of booths/tents selling delicious foods and novelty items. Regardless of all that, the event took place at a monastery with beautiful grounds and lovely buildings.

BUT, we did not get to eat a single burger. TGI Fridays (one of the few chosen restaurants to have their own tent offering their burgers for sale) was sold out by 2pm today (they only opened at 10am…and how many people eat burgers at 10 in the morning?). It was also impossible to see the prices of the burgers, let alone if they were even worth having. Suggestion for next year? Don’t place all of the burger tents in one small, congested corner of the festival. Prime example of bottle-necking (see photo below).

When we got home, my husband made the most delicious brie and garlic stuffed burgers ever! And knowing that four burgers only cost 100KC to make while one at the Burger Fest cost 80KC, gave me an all-around feeling of satisfaction.


2 thoughts on “Burger Fest

  1. It was so sad — the burger fest could have been something amazing. Maybe they’ll improve for next year.

    I’m sorry, I’ve been staring at your photo of your homemade burger (which looks awesome, btw). Are those sweet potato fries or cut-up carrots? Because I really really hope it’s fries and you can share where you got those.

    1. I agree. The Burger Fest could have been amazing – hopefully they live and learn.
      No, those are not sweet potato fries, sadly. If you happen to find any here…LET ME KNOW. I LOVE sweet potato fries and I miss them A LOT.

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