Prague Photo Scavenger Hunt

I was bored one night, sitting in bed with nothing reasonably interesting to do. I stumbled on the idea of watching music videos, one of which was “Ready or Not” by Bridgit Mendler. I find it interesting that most music videos have little or nothing to do whatsoever with the music itself. This particular music video pictured the singer with friends on a photo scavenger hunt throughout Hollywood. Then I had it. I’ll simply do the same thing in Prague. So, I did.
This is the beginning of the team called “The Drinking Shannons”. Please note that Shannon (far left) was celebrating her birthday that day…and pretty much everyone was drinking. Their team later consisted of three additional people.
This team called themselves the “Drug Rugs” mainly because of the guy pictured second from the left who had gone to a Mexican Festival earlier that day where he acquired the jacket he was wearing (where the name derives from…apparently).
This was team “White Tiger”, a name affectionately given to a strong alcohol which in its essence is a plum brandy. The Photo Scavenger Hunt consisted of a few basic rules (BYOB, take photos or videos, be creative, don’t get caught doing anything illegal – I am not held responsible, etc). This particular activity was forming a Human Pyramid in the middle of Wensclas Square (200 points).
Walter and I tagged along with one group at a time, switching whenever we encountered a new one. We simply observed, took photos, and laughed at other’s slightly drunkard silliness.
Each activity was assigned specific point levels. Something easy such as giving a flower to a stranger (see photo above this photo) or eating gellato would only be worth 100 points while picking up 10 pieces of litter would be 300 points.
As stated above, there were bonus points awarded for creativity but also for combos. This particular instance was posing with a living statue (100 points), posing with someone who has pink/purple hair (200 points), and proposing to a stranger (300 points). I did capture the photo of the street performer being proposed to, with an onion engagement ring, but at the time he had pulled his pants down revealing a purple leopard thong. Since both my mother and grandmother read this blog, I decided to refrain from showing said picture.
Posing with a cop? 300 points. One of the cops was camera shy which is fine, but if you are going to move out of the way to avoid being in the photo, you might want to move out of the background…where we can still see you.
Since shy about posing with a cop, the White Tigers just took a photo while the cop’s back was turned. Clearly they did not refrain from being a bit silly.
If you squint a bit and focus on the top left corner, you might be able to make out a group of people dancing…sorta. That was two teams dancing in a Congo Line down Charles Bridge (400 points). They moved very quickly and then were swallowed up in the crowd – hence this being the only photo captured.
Pictured above is someone by the John Lennon Wall (200 points). This is a wall dedicated to constant and continual graffiti. This is the only legal spot to graffiti and artists take advantage often enough that the wall does not look the same one week to the next. 
Another of the activities was either giving or receiving a Piggy Back Ride to or from a stranger (400 points). In this case someone is receiving it and ironically, in every instance of someone receiving a piggy back ride, it was a girl riding and the man giving always took a bit too long to let her go. In one instance, he literally ran away with her on her back. Yes, he eventually let her down.
Getting punched in the face by a stranger was another activity – clearly enjoyed (300 points).
Other activities included running through a park singing “The Sound of Music” (It astounded me how many people didn’t know what that was), acquiring a Burger King crown, becoming homeless long enough to earn 10KC, performing with street performers, pretending to be tour guides to strangers, playing “Red Rover” with another team on Charles Bridge, singing “I Will Always Love You” to a Charles IV statue, and three pages more.
 One of the activities was to play “Ring Around the Rosy” in the middle of Old Town Square…and unbeknownst to me, this children’s song has deeply profound meaning to one particular Czech woman who stated that singing that song was disrespectful and dishonoring, scolding one of the teams for several minutes.

And lastly, there are these horrible peeing statues again that somehow honor Franz Kafka.


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