Rainy Day

The cold wind pushes through the cracks in windows, howling in loneliness. No one wants the wind. No one desires his company. He travels across the world, screaming endlessly to be let in, to be welcomed. The invisible Peter Pan.
The rain pounds on windows, beating against the glass. She leaves her tears outside, as a reminder that she was there…hoping this last trace of her will stay before the sun takes her away. She is lonely, like the wind.
All they need is for you to open your window…to let them in. The wind desires to wrap his arms around you in a tight embrace, to feel your warmth. The rain desires to shower you with her sorrow, having you cry with her.
A quiet, lonely street. Cartier. Tiffany & Co. Chanel. Prada. Hermes. Rolex. Gucci. Dior. Store windows sparkling with diamonds and color but unwelcoming. Inside every glass door stands a sharply dressed, solemn man. Each one glares into the oblivious distance, their eyes dark and glossy. They challenge you to enter but everyone walks by, avoiding the eye contact of these mysterious sad men.
The astronaut stares out into the world – his glass castle keeping him contained. He sees people walk by, living their lives, loving one another. He stands motionless, overwhelmed in his dual prison. Will he ever escape?


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