Labor Day

In celebration of Labor Day (USA), a bunch of our fellow students decided to climb to the top of Petrin with beer and watch the sunset. First, Walter and I had to find the apartment where we were supposed to meet….that took awhile. We jumped on a tram and made our way towards Old Town (where their apartment is). Unfortunately, it is really easy to get lost in Old Town. Thankfully, we had a map and our intuition…and we eventually made it to their apartment…which was literally a block from where my parent’s hotel when they were visiting.
Another unfortunately was that we waited a bit too long in our friends’ apartment for other people to show up…and we walked to Charles Bridge where we kinda watched the sun set…and then we made our way up to Petrin. There we met up with more people and played on the children’s playground until way past dark… and “Beer Me” was said a lot…..and everyone there began to have such a fascination with Walter. He is quiet and reserved (some could say mysterious) and when he does talk or do anything it is done with forethought and planning…so, pretty much everyone fell in love with Walter that night.


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