Saturday Fun

I’m sitting in the living/family/bedroom in our flat when I get a message from a fellow TLH student, “I’m going to this ice cream place. Want to come?” Umm…all I heard was ice cream. So, yeah, definitely. We meet outside our apartment and walk to the tram to meet another fellow TLH student. We visit Angelato, the place I have declared as having the best gelato in all of Prague. SO GOOD. I think I’m going to try mango and banana next time we visit.
We then make our way across the river to this park where they have the “Petrin View Tower” aka mini-Eiffel Tower. On the Prague Tourism Website, they literally say that it’s a copy of the Eiffel Tower.
On the way there we encountered these interesting statues…apparently they represent the deterioration of the individual due to Communism…well, we thought it would be fun to make friends and try to make them smile.
Back to the tower…it was built with a funicular…not as “fun” as the name implies. Actually, completely boring…and not worth the long wait. At least when you wait in line for an hour for a theme park, you get to ride a roller coaster (even if it is only for 30 seconds). I had a blonde moment and forgot my Public Transportation Pass at home….so I had to figure out how to buy a ticket from the three machines with the other 40 people waiting…all at once. Thankfully, some guy put in too much money and I got a free 30 minute ticket.
We made our way over to the little Eiffel Tower…which was actually a little sad and a little little. But it also had a long line up front and cost 105KC. Maybe we would climb up a little later.
But there were plenty of other things to see as we wandered our way through a giant park without any map…and we kept on stumbling upon “Magic Caverns”.
After this one, we encountered a man who, in a very thick Czech accent, asked us if he wanted to enter his “Magic Cavern” (I kept on hearing Cupboard though which sounded much creepier). He spent a good five minutes asking us to come in and showing us bizarre photos of what he had inside…something about drinks for only 50KC and then an experience in California – which only made things worse. Thankfully a simple smile and “Not today” was enough to deter his creepy advances.
We also found this homeless man’s house…(yes, oxymoronic, I know). There was a matress and some random little knick-knacks like beer….
Obviously, we had a good time even with all the weirdness. And as it was my turn to pick our location for dinner this weekend and I chose this amazing restaurant called U Bulinu…they have this gnocchi with sheep’s cheese and bacon that is amazing. So, we walked down the park (because I couldn’t buy another ticket to go down on the funicular which is where we parted ways with our friends)…and made our way to the closest tram stop and took Tram 22 to that beautiful restaurant…that was closed for the weekend. Starving, slightly dehydrated, and tired, we made our way back home and stopped at this amazing Greek/Arab pizza place that makes the most delicious pizzas. What a good day.


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