Week 3

We are at the end of our third week in Prague and it still feels completely surreal. We’re living in Prague…a city in the middle of Europe.  I can barely count my Canada experience as being “out of the country”…and now I am living in Prague…in the Czech Republic.
It doesn’t really feel that different. I know that sounds weird – you’re in a completely different country…where they speak a different language, Rachel. Well, obviously Czech is everywhere but it’s not that big of a deal. We’ve learned “zelenina” as vegetables, “potroviny” as a gas station size grocery store, and  “dickweed” as thank you (please stop laughing). It’s easy enough to simply point at whatever I want in bakeries or delis. I can butcher my way through Czech menus. It’s not that big of a deal. English is all over (most people speak it and most things are printed in Czech as well as English)…as are expats. I see movie posters for Brave and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Dark Knight all over. I hear Rihanna and Brittany Spears and Beyonce all the time in the malls and restaurants. Most everyone is white so it’s easy to blend in…which is nice. Although, the whole “speaking English perfectly” is usually a giant red flag to anyone.
Everything is so cheap and all of the food is so good…well, that’s different. And there are a million other little things that are either better or okay – and therefore doable to just get used to. Not to seem mean to anyone who goes through the “stages of being an expat”, but moving to another country is only a big deal if you make it one. Embrace the culture and the way of life because you are a stranger here and no one is going to accommodate you. So, adapt and get used to the differences. Obviously the transition is harder for some than others….I guess just not for me.
Other random updates include (but are not limited to):
After much torture, confusion, and Czech accents we have put down a “reservation” on an apartment in the most perfect spot of town and in our price range. We could not have planned it better (Thanks, God). And we’re moving in next Saturday. 🙂
We have only one week left of this course and until we receive our official TEFL certification! And hopefully we will be starting official teaching jobs within a couple weeks.
And I am still drawing statistics but I have decided from my sampling of gelato stands across the city that Angelato is the best place to get gelato in Prague. Your welcome.
And now for some random Prague awesomeness….
Below: Charles IV – a literal King as well as founder/instigator/creator of most everything awesome in Prague.
Below: This is a chart that tells you what the month, day, and season is (based on a gatherer/farming society). It also tells you whose “Name Date” it is. It’s like a second birthday for your name. I want a second birthday for my name.


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