Definitely Maybe

So, it’s 2 o’clock in the morning (Prague time)…and I have just (maybe) finished planning my lesson for tomorrow. Per usual, I just got my “assignment” at 9pm and despite the many questions I tried to ask, I am pretty much clueless as to what I am going to be doing (hence the maybe).
On top of lesson planning pretty much during all of our free time Sunday through Thursday, Walter and I (and everyone else in the course) have to be taught (grammar, methodology, Czech, etc), look for an apartment, apply for our Zhivnos (work permits), update our CVs, write cover letters, apply for jobs, and set up two one hour one-on-one tutoring sessions….on top of other basic things like sleep, eating, showering (bathing?), and washing clothes.
Throughout this week, everyone has been getting more and more quiet. The teachers have been constantly urging us to drink more coffee and asking if we were getting drunk the night before…. I walk into that classroom every morning and every body is radiating stress.
There’s a little peek into the word of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) at TLH (The Language House). Good, but stressful.
(back to the normal sequence of events…)
I was going to go more in-depth as to what happened those last few days leading up to the TEFL course but I’m pretty much going to just go through a highlight reel.

1. There is this museum in Prague called the “Sex Machines Museum.” No, I have not gone in….but my mother almost did. And when we called her out on it? BEET red face. Hilarious.
2. Aly (sister), my Mom, and Wyatt (6 year old nephew) went into the “Belgian Chocolate Shop” and got chocolate covered strawberries (three per skewer – they got two different flavors). They figured they would each have two strawberries (one flavor each). I’m watching Wyatt eat because he’s so adorable…he always manages to get more on his face then in his mouth. I started wiping his mouth and then I look over at my Mom who has devoured two of the three strawberries on the skewer and was poised with the third inches from her mouth. Aly and I burst out laughing….
Aly: “Mom, we were going to share!! Remember?”
She literally had no response – there was more chocolate on her face then there was on the six year old little boy.
 3. Another funny side note, was the “Sexy Sweet Shop” next to the Belgian Chocolate Shop…you can make your own inferences. Aly had to explain many things to my Mom. SO funny.
4. We also climbed MANY towers and visited several churches…


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