The Admiral’s Club

After four hours of playing mahjong and solitaire on my iPad, we went to find the check in for Air Berlin…and the line was very long. There were four women standing at the desks just talking to each other as if the seventy-five people in the que didn’t exist. And we all stood like that for about twenty minutes. Each of us knowing the other was there but no one making the first move. Once they finally started working, we were up to the front in no time and my bag was underweight!! I love it when we don’t have to pay a 300 Euro fine for it going overweight….so nice to save that money.
Then came security…which was no big deal. Also super quick. There was this one TSA agent who I overheard talking to another one. He looked like one of those stereotypical Italian-Americans from Brooklyn (even with the accent). He apparently had seen a good-looking girl and said, “Tell me where I can get one of those.” And then did a very enthusiastic eyebrow raise…or two. I was really glad I didn’t get a pat-down again after that.
It’s remarkable how different the airport looks on the other side of security. That restaurant that the 5-hair comb over guy mentioned looked like it was dropped straight out of the Hamptons. Comfortable chairs and nicer shops were everywhere. It was beautiful and also ridiculous. Why should the people outside of security be punished?
Our terminal was just inside security, so after a bit of debating we decided to go into the Admiral’s Club. We went up an elevator and the Club had it’s own button – so, it must be cool. And then we just stood outside the door for a few minutes staring inside. It has those partially cloudy sections but you can still see through as if they are saying, “You know you want to be part of this expensive exclusivity.” And it’s true. I really did want to be part of it.
So, we went in and it was awesome! There were free drinks and beer nuts and cookies and tea…and they had really comfy chairs. After sitting in those hard chairs, these felt like we were sitting on pillows stuffed with clouds. It was SO good. Walter took a two hour nap and I charged my iPad. Did I mention the wi-fi? It was amazing. We even ordered a quesadilla to share and it really wasn’t that unreasonable price-wise considering that we were in an airport. The women’s bathroom even had complimentary pads. What?! So good! I would totally join that Club if we actually traveled on a normal basis or had money to pay for that kind of membership.
(Walter half-asleep in that super comfy chair in the Admiral’s Club – Thanks, Dad!)
Then, came the seven-hour flight plus five hour time change…


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