Packing my Life Into Two Suitcases

One day until we leave the States for Prague. More things being added to our to-do list than being removed. Running on three hours of sleep. People just not communicating. A 12 page grammar assignment due next week materializing out of thin air. And my entire life packed into two suitcases.
Think about this for a moment, I have to pack my entire life into two suitcases. One of which must fit into a cabin’s overhead compartment and another weighing under 50 pounds. Most suitcases alone weigh anywhere from 8-12 pounds. So, now I’m down to 38 pounds in the biggest suitcase. Let’s figure that the carry-on suitcase can weigh 22 pounds….that still only gives me 60 pounds. Clothes are heavy. Toiletries? I am pretty picky about my lotions….I know *shocker* that low-maintenance Rachel is picky about a specific cosmetic. Lotion has to be thick enough to feel like it is moisturizing and not runny or oily. The only lotion I have found to be all of those as well as smell great is Victoria’s Secret. Hence the excess 5 pounds in lotions I will be bringing over…apparently. But back on track here, there are also shoes and this place has a winter (yes, I did look into that) and having lived in Florida…which is summer year-round…I fear that I have become conditioned to be cold in 70-degree weather. And Prague has winters…winters that require layers…like coats and knee-high socks and gloves and stuff. Maybe even hats or ear muffs…all of that is heavy too.
We are maybe having one box shipped over but when we get there we will only have two suitcases each to settle into an entirely different world. Uh, yikes, anyone? Makes choosing between lotions called “Romantic Wish” and “Lost in Fantasy” a little less trivial than normal in my mind.


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