Extreme Excitement

It is officially ONE week until I get married to my beautiful man!
And let me give everyone a textbook definition of Excitment so that people will be able to fully understand the brevity of my emotions:

1. An excited state or condition.
2. Something that excites.
(Cause that was REALLY helpful. I never understand why dictionaries repeat the word in the definition. I could have guessed that…thanks.)
1. To arouse or stir up the emotions or feelings of.
2. To arouse or stir up.
3. To cause, awaken.
4. To stir to action; provoke or stir up.
5. To stimulate.
(Ignoring the redundancies…)

I would like to make an announcement to the entire world – Yes. I am excited about getting married. In my opinion, if you are not excited about your wedding…that thing that is usually a lif-long commitment…then you need to be thinking about alternatives. And yes, wide world, I am VERY excited – so, please stop asking me if I am excited every single day, multiple times a day. I am getting married and moving to Europe. If that is not categorized in the “Excitement” folder, I have no idea what would.

And because I am in a perpetual state of “Extreme Excitement”, I wish to help you all feel, at the very least, a step above forlorn…so, here are some photos I have taken of happy people and peppy vegetables (go with the randomness…just go with it).(and maybe a fruit or two, too)


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