Ready, Set, Go!

Easiest way to plan a wedding? Know exactly what you want. Walter and I have been long-distance for the past year and when I missed him the most, I would plan our wedding. Last year, I planned a purple and green hydrangea monstrosity.
Tastes change – even in six months. But getting a better idea of what photographers are in and around your area, the types of venues you are looking for, the kinds of flowers you like and that are in season, the dresses that are available in the shops, etc. Just being more aware of all of these things helps so much when you actually start the planning.
For example, before Pinterest was around, I would create “wedding boards” in Microsoft Word. Each time I made one (about every 6 months for two years), I always had the SAME veils and dresses picked out. I also know my body and what looks good on me. I carry my weight in my stomach, so trying on a mermaid style dress would be utterly humiliating – avoid that by browsing online first and trying to find what looks good on your body. Just be honest with yourself, ladies. Yes, my dream dress was a purple organza Vera Wang dress from her Spring 2010 collection but alas, I am not a size 2 and I do not have $3000 to spend on a dress I will only wear for 5 hours.
When I did go wedding dress shopping, I brought two printed color pages of wedding dresses I had seen online that I had liked and thought would look good on me – it sped up the process a lot just because I was able to give the saleswoman exactly what I was looking for. The first two dresses I tried on were the two dresses on the left pictured above. The dress I ended up buying? The first one on the left. Below I am pictured with the dress I ended up purchasing (the second one I tried on) (excuse the poor quality of the photo – taken with iPad).
Knowing what you want and going to appointments with the florist and baker will make everything smooth and easy. If you have no idea what you want, how on earth can they make nothing happen? When I went to see the baker, I brought with me the document below:
I had notes written all over it and then gave it to the baker. They know exactly what I want without any doubt and that appointment was amazing. I even brought back paint chips of the colors I wanted on the cake so they could match it – yes! My anal OCD tendencies being celebrated!

Another way to save money, have more fun, and have an “easier” wedding? DO IT YOURSELF! Trust me on this. You’ll have more fun and be able to incorporate more of who you two are for much less money. PRIME example: When I talked to florists, I was quoted $150-$1000 for the bride’s bouquets, $50-$500 for each bridesmaid’s bouquets, and $20-$100 for every boutonniere. I didn’t even ask about centerpieces. Excuse me? So you are quoting upwards of $10,000 for flowers ALONE?! I keep on thinking – new car, paying off loans, 3 new computers, a beautiful new camera, moving to Colorado….. I am sorry but getting liposuction is cheaper. Heck! Spending a month in Europe is cheaper!!
No, thank you. I will try something else. And I did. First, I spent $40 on flowers from a local grocery store and successfully made some awesome looking bouquets and boutonnieres. And then, I was just browsing through the awesomeness on Etsy when I was doubly inspired!! Below is my execution! Boutonnieres based on Tetris pieces sewn with yarn on plastic canvas with pins hot glued to the back. 🙂
I like the geeky personalization. And you could come up with something just as awesome and creative and personalized and cheap and fun (there are a lot of factors that go into this – no pressure).

Yes, you may now bask in my awesome creativity. It’s okay to be a bit overwhelmed. It will get worse before it gets better.
Then, I read an article/tutorial on Etsy as well that inspired me to do this:
And then I happened to just pick up a bunch of other hobbies to make other awesome stuff for the wedding (such as embroidery):
I also expanded my yarn-wrapping abilities:
And this is LITERALLY just the tip of the iceberg of how much crazy coolness is going on with this wedding. People better have a good time and appreciate this. What? Was that a bit Bridezilla-ish? No? Cool. I’m glad.
And these are all things that are a bit time-consuming but fun and pretty cheap. All of these are totally doable if you just have patience and a little bit of creativity….but mostly an endless supply of glue sticks.

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