Music Moods

Maybe I am alone in the world in this (a bit dramatic, I know), but I go through music “phases”. Lately I have been in a blues-y mood. Artists like Adele and Nancy Sinatra come to mind. Like “River” by Joni Mitchell (or any song by Joni Mitchell – all of her songs are so sad) from that recent episode of New Girl (AWESOME show on FOX). Jess (pictured below) just broke up with her boyfriend so what is the vintage-loving elementary teacher going to listen to? Joni Mitchell, of course.
I am in no way implying that I have broken up with my fiance or have a reason to be sad…although my nickname was Eeyore growing up so I do think I am prone to the sad/pessimistic but not to the extent of Fisher on Bones (also on FOX). I don’t collect medieval torture devices and I have not been ordered by my psychologist to move in with my Mother in an effort to brighten my mood…
Nonetheless, I do go through music moods. And lately, my mood has required all music to have a slower tempo with the singers being mainly female with breathy voices (like Demi Lovato in her song “Skyscraper”). Before this one, I was in a heavy Glee Cast music phase. Every song was sung by some member of Glee and I had an entire playlist entitled “Glee Cast”. I don’t even watch Glee (also on FOX…apparently I’m obsessed with this network that canceled Firefly) but I do really like their music.
I am also the kind of person that can literally listen to the same song on repeat hundreds of times and I will never get tired of it as long as I liked it to begin with. I have yet to meet anyone that can stand that much repitition. One song that has been on repeat for the past few weeks…”Lil Red Riding Hood” by Laura Gibson. I heard it in a car commercial awhile back and I fell in love with it. It is a slight revamp of “Little Red Riding Hood” by the Coasters.
I am also obssessed with Little Red Riding Hood. It is my favorite Grimm Fairy Tale and I love practically every design and photo I’ve seen inspired by it. This photo shoot by Three Nails Photography (featured on Green Wedding Shoes) is gorgeous (and just the types of photos I love to take):

I am also very drawn to red coats (it’s like I want to be Red Riding Hood – the mystery, the adventure – a daring heroine). I love this little cap and then the awesome jacket below it from Etsy.
And as I said, the design and art around it is equally awesome as well! I just love the ideas that people come up with and execute. I have so many ideas buzzing around my head and it is my goal to get a degree in illustration so I can one day get those ideas down on paper in a visually appealing way.
Besides the song, I have been stuck on Little Red Riding Hood lately. I have also been listening to a lot of the Doctor Who soundtrack, too. I love the ethereal, mysterious, dreamy tones of the music mixed in with adventure and danger. It’s so beautiful. Yes, I am a major fan of Doctor Who…I warned you that I was obsessed with TV and movies. Don’t say you weren’t warned (read “About Me” section).


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