Torndado Twister Whirlwind Month

Just a few days before Walter came up to visit me, my Mother gets sentimental and asks me, “Why aren’t we having an actual wedding? We might as well!” I say, “Sure thing, Mom. Whatever you want.” And I proceed to tell her that I was perfectly fine with the courthouse wedding and I’ll be fine with whatever. Thumbs up from my Dad (the money man), and the race against time begins! The date? July 12th.
Just over a week later, we have talked to/done research on two cake shops, four florists, seven caterers, and ten ceremony locations. I booked an appointment with a dress shop and have done tons of crafts for the reception. We also visited six jewelers and bought our rings below budget (I love those words) and I gave my work a “2-month” notice after my arm was twisted (I only wanted to give them a two weeks notice). Oh! And we ordered the invitations, thank-you notes, cake cutter, cupcake boxes, personalized napkins, and just sent out the Save the Dates (via email).
Walter and I settled on a cake shop and a design and put down a deposit. We are having a 2-tier cake very similar to below except there will be various sizes of polka-dots instead of tear drops. The top layer will be red velvet, the bottom later chocolate with a chocolate mousse filling.
(thanks to Martha Stewart Weddings for above image)

After getting quotes from those four florists with the bridal bouquet alone pricing anywhere from $100 to $1000 with the total cost of flowers for a wedding ranging from $2000-$10000, I decided to spend $40 on flowers and see what I came up with. The result: BOOYAH! I’m making my own bouquet – see for yourself.
(The boutonnieres turned out well, but I’ve decided to turn off the beaten path for those – more to come on those later).
We are still in the process of talking with caterers but we are playing with the idea of just getting a bunch of platters from Publix and putting them on nice plates. Since we’re only inviting 45 people, we are thinking just appetizers and finger-foods with a ton of cake should fill everyone up.
The ceremony will take place in a State Park literally five minutes from my parent’s house where the reception will be taking place.
(We might be getting married within this walled garden – to be decided)
(Please just ignore the weird blue swaddled baby Jesus on the right)
(Another possible location for our wedding – through the gate)
(And of course, I stumbled on a beautiful bug)

It has all come together quite beautifully. I feel kinda like Lorelai from Gilmore Girls when she and Sookie find everything for her wedding to Luke in 4 hours with everything literally coming together for her – like it’s a sign.
Did I mention that we bought the 2nd wedding dress I tried on? And I just finished writing my vows today? (this was all originally written close to a month ago – on May 11th)


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