I have been on a roll lately! I feel so productive or maybe it is the illusion of productivity. I’m not sure. I’m going to try to be positive and go with the actual production. I have posted a lot of blogs lately which makes me feel accomplished, I have been working a bit more on my photography to stretch myself to do/be better, I have been doing some character and plot developments for a book idea I have, I have been exercising a bit more and trying to eat healthier, and I have also been drawing a bit more, too. A lot more productive than I thought! šŸ™‚Ā PLUS, I also did some crafting this weekend and I have decided to do another tutorial blog on these awesome marble magnets.
I originally did some marble magnets as a social for my floor when I was a Resident Assistant in college and then a couple months ago I started doing them again when I was bored as potential wedding favors. I threw together a very basic logo/design in Photoshop and printed them at FedEx/Kinkos….I have a circular craft hole puncher (one inch) that cuts out the PERFECT circle for the marbles.
First,Ā peruseĀ your favorite magazines for cool images/graphics that catch your eye – keep in mind that they have to be able to fit into a one inch circle (or smaller depending on what size marbles you get), so think small. My favorite magazines to work with on this project are Anthropologie, Real Simple, and Martha Stewart. They have great layouts, unique objects, and bright colors. Perfect for us!
Then, you gather the supplies: clear, flat marbles, hot glue gun,Ā Elmer’sĀ glue, and small magnets. I chose the larger flat marbles for my purposes but they have a smaller half-inch size that could work, too (I’ll show examples).
The Elmer’s glue is to secure whatever image to the glass marble and the hot glue is to secure the magnet to the back of the image. Keep in mind that you will have to be patient in letting the Elmer’s glue dry because it does take awhile but it does work and it is a much better alternative to those smelly, expensive, toxic bottles of atomic waste that I’ve seen recommended. Also, don’t worry if the glue doesn’t look clear when you first apply it. It will dry clear.
So, you have found your images and punched/cut them out. Also note that you don’t have to just useĀ magazineĀ images, you can even use printer paper – in fact, it tends to work better because it’s not so thin. You have also applied the Elmer’s glue to the front of the image, placing it on the flat side of the marble. Little tidbit: make sure you take the image and move it all around the marble so the glue spreads evenly. You have patiently waited for the glue to dry and then hot glued the marble to the center of the flat portion of the marble. You have now completed the super simple but super awesome craft project! Congratulations!
This first photo is the magnets I did with simply printing several color images on printer paper.
These are magnets of various sizes, all with magazine clippings:
And finally, I did a couple that weren’t with magazine clippings but rather with colorful paper flowers. Experiment with different ideas and have fun!


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