So, I have recently become obsessed with the Firefly TV Series and Serenity follow-up movie. Stacy (friend/co-worker) is the one that introduced Walter and I to the series and man was it good! I also proceeded to watch many YouTube clips making various references to how terrible FOX was for canceling the show (Big Bang Theory) and various space cowboy references (Castle)….it made me happy and sad  both at the same time. Nathan Fillon, an amazing actor who is in one of my favorite movies – Waitress, plays the main character named Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds. It’s great but sad because of its sad ending. Well, Stacy also collects dolls and Robert Tonner started making Firefly dolls but they stopped and not in time to make my favorite character in the series – Kaylee!!
And here are the photos from our photo shoot with the dolls in the shop!!

Here is a photo of the cast for a reference/to compare to the dolls:
Here are some photos of Kaylee, my favorite character. You should watch the show, just to see how awesome she is. She is a kick-butt mechanic who talks to the spaceship and just knows what the ship needs. It’s so awesome.
 She is SO awesome. It makes me want to watch everything else she is in. Ooo! And I found these AMAZING magnets on Etsy (click on the photos for a link to the seller on Etsy and their super cool product).
Left to Right: Kaylee, Jayne, and Malcolm
Oh!! And there has been so much hype about this show and so many great graphic design associated with it. It shoots me over the moon! I love awesome creativity. I know you may not understand everything on the posters but it is so shiny!! And you need to watch this show & movie. NEED. As in, necessity. Walter and I are obsessed with it. It’s on Netflix and you can watch it all in one weekend. DO IT. Tell me how much you LOVE it!!!


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