Happy Peepster!

Last Wednesday was the first annual Easter Egg Hunt & Peep Diorama Show for my Mom’s department. Yes, grown adults were running around the building in search for little tiny plastic eggs. One woman from my department kept on asking me, “What time is it? Is it 9:30 yet?” (9:30 is the official break time for the company as well as the start of the Easter Egg Hunt). My mom and I hid 96 eggs inside the building in all the hallways. 30 of those eggs had little chocolate coins in them. If you found a gold coin, you were able to claim a prize – gift cards, watercolor set, bag of chocolate, cookie dough and a cookbook, etc. People were kinda insane. Some people didn’t really understand the concept of “one per person” and I had to put them back out to be found. Also, good thing these were plastic eggs and not real hard-boiled (or even deviled) eggs because the building would have stunk as 20 eggs were not found. Someone suggested (after the fact, of course) that I should have made a map of where all ninety-six eggs were hidden. Right. I’ll get right on that for next year.
(This is the poster I made for the event. Photo & design by me!!)
The department I work in, along with Finance and another department, decided to make our own “Peep Show” as well. We didn’t want to just jump in with my Mom’s department and then win (yes, I am that awesome) and take away their prize which is why we had our own contest. The thing is, NO ONE understood that the Peeps Diorama contest and the Peep Show were two different things. The Peeps Diorama had only my Mom’s department’s participation and it was judged by Cricket Face. People made the dioramas for their teams and then the winner would get lunch for their team. OUR Peep Show was participation by individuals from several departments and the winner of each category (Most Creative, Most Traditional/Easter, and People’s Choice) was chosen by secret ballot/popular vote. I think I explained that five million times – no, I don’t exaggerate. I resent the implication. My Mom got the idea for the Peeps Diorama from the Washington Post’s contest every year. Pretty cool.
“Peeps Diorama” Examples:
“Drive-In Movie Theatre” “PlayBoy Bunnies Peep Show” (with the four yellow peeps being the founders & VPs of the company – tehe)
“Alien Invasion” (inspired by Pixar’s Lifted short film)
“2012 National GOPeep Convention” (do you see the teleprompter? the detail on this one is INSANE. This one should have been the winner, in my opinion.)
“Choco-Zilla” (one of my favorites!!!)
Two by the same person…one is a joke on the boss and the other one is relating to Moses – “Let my Peeps Go”.
“A-peep-calypse” (play on apocalypse, obviously…and it’s our workplace being attacked by zombies – and the winner of this department’s contest)

“Dude…this is so wrong.” (I LOVED this one. Cause they are marshmallow bunnies roasting marshmallows over candy corn fire…with pretzel logs, graham cracker tents, and chocolate wrapper sleeping bags)

And now onto the “Peep Show” (my department’s peep show):
“Wizard of Poz”
“Playful Peeps” (winner of the Traditional/Easter category)
“Can Laserfiche Save the Peeps” (Laserfiche is a software that stores files digitally to make them easier to access: a product we offer – winner of the Peep-le’s Choice Award).
“XO” (a cute one that a co-worker and her children made together – if you look closely the butts of some of the peeps are bitten off…her kids got hungry apparently)
“Sun Flower Cake” (my Mom kept on saying that these are ‘Pooping Peeps’ literally to everyone who walked by. The cake was pretty good, too…and I saw someone else make the exact cake on Facebook yesterday…weird)
This AWESOME superhero was created by Stacy (owner of Henry, the turtle) and used as an accessory for someone else’s project.

And now for mine!!! “Peep Show” (everyone laughed and freaked out and I made a sign that said ‘Peep Show $0.25’ and someone actually left me a quarter – so good!)
And then “Human Baby Hunt” winner of the Most Creative Category!!! Some people found it very creepy but I thought it was hilarious. Hopefully you get it. If not, go to the closest grocery store and look down the aisle with the oils, herbs, and spices (usually with cake mixes) and look for a “sense of humor”. I think it’s shelved right between “fairy dust” and “wishful thinking”.
Happy Peepster, everyone! Hope it was a great day full of church-services, candy, Easter egg hunts, and lovely family time. 🙂

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