Games of Hunger

No, I have not read the book. Freak out. Consider shunning me. Put me in a leper colony. I just don’t read books before movies – they are always horrible in comparison to the books. Prime Example? Chronicles of Narnia. My favorite books and I hate the movies. But, Hunger Games was pretty good. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily up to snuff with all the hype (which I think is primarily because of the fans of the books), but the plot was decent, the content intriguing, and the characters unique.

PLOT: Yes, it was decent. There were several times during the movie where it felt a little slow. And there were also several parts of the movie that I felt left out on because I had not read the books – little assumptions that the directors make. Not horrible but it can get frustrating.
CONTENT: The idea behind a post-apocalyptic world that doesn’t involve zombies is intriguing enough to hook me. Along with the interesting details…the mockingjay, the districts, the costumes/dress, etc. Overall, the plot and content are close enough to home/reality to be believable and reliable but with those little details added, you really get hooked in. It’s different and unique enough to make you want to see what else is different and unique.
CHARACTERS: Katniss is different than most female protagonists that have been portrayed in movies lately in that she is much less emotion-driven and much more focused. At least from the way she was portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence, her facial expressions are limited and her body language is also lacking. Honestly, it works well for the character’s situation. What is intriguing and what draws me into her is when she does open up – like a closed exotic flower. You know it is beautiful and intriguing because of the simple beauty of the leaves and the petals from the outside but you know that once that flower opens, you will only find even more beauty within. So, you stick around and wait for her to open and reveal her inner beauty.

CONCLUSION: The movie was good. There were some parts that were slower than others but Katniss kept me in and then it picked up with the action of the Games. I’m intrigued to see what happens next and I will now pick up the book to see what I missed.

And here are some photos of leaves and trees to make you think of fighting in the Hunger Games. What’s next? My experience in the movie theatre leading up to and while watching the movie, Hunger Games. 🙂


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