Lack of a Diatribe

While I could post some long diatribe about the destruction of humanity…On how we have become a people focused more on perfection as it pertains to our appearance than on the quality of what lies within. On how we avoid talking about religion and politics so as not to offend while those were the two principles on which this country was founded. On how communication has deteriorated from intellectual and philosophical discussions on the world and humanity to what celebrities are doing and omg! i just cannot believe she f***ing did that. On how texting has become the main form of communication accompanied by a language that purposefully lowers people’s vocabulary skills. On how swear words have replaced rich, beautiful words and tabloid magazines have replaced great literature. Let us certainly hope that the founding fathers do not have the ability to look at what their hopes and dreams, their blood and sweat have turned into. But I’m not going to talk about any of that. Maybe in a later post. I’m going to show you some beautiful photos I took over the weekend. While cleaning out my bathroom, I found my eldest sister’s make-up from the 80s or 90s. I thought I’d photograph it before I threw it away. I love the colors and the lighting was perfect. Enjoy.


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