Poop Cake

A couple of weeks ago, I photographed a birthday party for Ryker. His mom and I are good friends from high school and I welcomed the experience. I was a bit nervous that the party was inside but my trusty 50mm and 24mm lenses were my “weapons of choice” and I think it went pretty well.
Pre-explanation of the photos: Ryker turned one years old. His awesome mom had a “poop cake” made for him. Yes, I mean a cake that is made to look like poop with flies and everything. How awesome and embarrassing is that?! That poor kid is going to take his girlfriend home one day and Allison (Ryker’s mom) is going to whip out some photos of Ryker nose-diving into what looks like poop. Haha. Yes!
My favorite part of the day? When they plopped that cake in front of him. He hesitated at first, slowly sinking his fingers into it while watching everyone around him. Then, while everyone was laughing about something else – nose dive into the cake. Towards the end of his feast, Ali’s mom brought out this beautiful mirror and Ryker loved what he saw!
The party was at Allison’s Mom’s house and she is super creative and awesome just like Ali! See my favorite photos below:
(Inspired by a pin on Pinterest, this wreath is made of balloons. Awesome!)

(Ali’s Mom painted this chandelier. This is one of four or five in the house)

Theme of the Party? What little boys are made of, of course: Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails. Thanks again for letting me be part of Ryker’s big day, Ali!


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