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So, I know last time I said I would tell you why I was writing this blog but I never got into it…so, here I go:

(Question 1: Why did you start this blog?)
I am very forgetful. I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah, everyone forgets where they put their keys down or what they ate last Tuesday.” No, it’s much more than that. I don’t remember most of my childhood (except for the “bad” [funny] parts of course – remind me to tell you some of those later). I frequently forget what happened yesterday as most days will just run together. I will have favorite books but not remember what really happened in them; and I forget birthdays, plans, most major holidays, and more. Granted, this is only my long-term memory (no big deal right?). My short-term memory is well intact – hence my ability to quote back a movie trailer after just seeing it or being able to spout out everything that my professors just taught me in my classes in college (this also has something to do with the way I learn – visually and audibly – I learn best through listening and then seeing). Okay…I think I need to tack “rabbit trail” at the top every paragraph I write now…The point of all this is – I am SO forgetful. I will forget to contact friends. My best friend (who lives in KY) and I will go months without speaking to one another because I’ll just forget. And I even keep a journal now listing 3-5 things that summarize each day so I can just look back and remember what happened. The point is (Again? Déjà vu?)- I want to actually remember my time in the Czech Republic. So, if I have something like a blog that I can document everything that happens AND keep my friends and family updated simultaneously – jackpot, right?

(Question 2: Why a photography blog?)
I know what you’re thinking now – why a photo blog? Why not just a plain old writing blog? I don’t really see any photos here… Okay, that’s a good point. I started this blog for the intention of sharing all of my adventures and photos from my time in Prague…but as it is five months away, I might have to just keep you entertained with my sarcasm…and whatever might happen between now and then. So, look out for that.

(Question 3: Why not in 5 months?)
And to address that last thought bubble that appeared above your head – Why don’t you just wait until you’re actually over there, Rachel? Where’s the fire? What’s the rush? To be succinct (don’t hold your breath), I’m impatient. I want both of my adventures to start now (marrying my love and moving to Europe) and I figured talking about it for the next five months might make time go faster (now I’m not holding my breath). Plus, I know that I’m going to be…distracted…after I get married and then just plain busy once Walter and I move to Prague. All the testimonies about the month-long course at The Language School say it is really intense. According to the website, we will be going from 9am to 7pm, Monday through Friday. Not much time to blog, huh? Never fear, my devoted readers, that’s what weekends are for!!


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