Enough Rabbit Trails to Land Me in Wonderland

This is a general summary of what’s going on and why I’m writing this blog:

Walter and I have been dating for three years and I knew he was going to be my husband within six months. Lack of jobs prevented us from getting married sooner. He has three part-time jobs but no health insurance; I have a full-time job with health insurance…but we live 300 miles away from each other and we both need full-time jobs in the same place. Hundreds of applications and four interviews later, we’ve got nothing.

(Related Rabbit Trail):
My sister, Aly, is currently living in Taiwan. Her husband is an engineer and his company sent him over to Taiwan to teach or spread his awesomeness or something. They have been spreading their American awesomeness since last January. My nephew has even been featured in some photo shoots – whiteness is very attractive in Taiwan/Asia…as are peace signs (remind me to tell you the story of the creepy playground approach).
Aly randomly mentioned to us one day that there was an opening at the Taipai American School for a Math & Science teacher (aka “insert Walter there”). That got me to thinking…(yes, much like Pooh Bear). And I thought, if there are job openings in Taiwan, why not the rest of the world. So, when people say they are broadening their search, we went from Central Florida to the world. Is their a job search engine for “the world in all its entirety”?

(2nd Related Rabbit Trail):
My Mom and I work at the same company (not the same department – of course not. What a faux pas that would be!). She likes to talk. Normally that’s not a problem…except when it comes to keeping secrets…and I would rather not lose my job before I plan on leaving (while I write this blog post at work). Well, she was talking to an editor at work and somehow had the subject of teaching abroad pop up in their conversation. This editor’s son had gone over to Prague with his wife to attend the Language House and become certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). I emailed her who emailed her son who emailed me – and so the inquiries began.

(Back on Track):
I asked Jack about jobs in Europe in general not initially interested in the certification deal (as I didn’t know where we were going to be or if Walter would even be interested because English isn’t his forte). But I mentioned it in a sly, off-hand way to Walter…and he said he would be interested in doing it (he’s a math/science guy -hates English, which is why I was surprised). [Okay, I know this is random- rabbit trail #3 – but ever since Jim Carrey in A Series of Unfortunate Events (awesome movie and books, fyi) I always say surprise in his voice: “Imagine my SUE-PREEZE!”] So, then an atomic bomb went off in Jack’s inbox as we emailed 30 times a day for the next week. He would give me a little info and I would respond with a zillion questions. I checked out the Language House website and read it frontwards and backwards…I read reviews from external websites and asked at least a dozen other people about it. And within a week we had put our deposit down. Crazy, right? It may sound rushed but each class is only 15 people…and August is the most popular month because of September – the peak hiring month.

So, every single day I ask, “Is it July yet?” 20 weeks. 140 Days. I feel like a kid aching for summer vacation – counting down. Marking the days off in my calendar. Getting ready. Making lists. And just waiting. LOTS of waiting.


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